Why do people quit their jobs at dream companies like Facebook or Google? I can only speak for my own decision to leave Google in 2010. It's a great company full of amazingly talented people with access to incredible resources. So why leave? Google was simply too big for me. I'd come from Endeca, a startup that I helped grow from a founding team to 500, and I didn't realize how different it would be to join a large company where the connection was inherently less personal. It simply wasn't a
How do husbands remain faithful to their wives? I mean… over time their wives become uglier and less lovely. Why won't they be tempted to cheat on their wives? What makes them faithful? Answer: Instead of making it gender specific (husbands get ugly too, and less lovely) one way to think about this question is: How to stay committed in a monogamous marriage, if the attraction is gone, and your partner isn't the same way as he or she once was? It's a very tough question. Some seek help.

Beware! Subway’s Chicken Is Only 50 Percent Chicken

If you think that chicken sandwich you ordered at Subway did not fully taste like fowl, you may have been right. According to a Canadian study, a DNA test showed only half of Subway’s oven-roasted patty is made with real chicken. Subway was among five fast-food restaurants, whose chicken the Canadian Broadcast Corporation had tested. The results showed the Oven Roasted Chicken patties averaged 53.6 percent chicken DNA while the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki strips came in at 42.8 percent. The

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2000 years ago is the time of the Romans. This era is famous for the following saying: Carpe Diem. This translates to “Seize the day” and is a good example of the Roman view on sleeping. Sleeping was viewed as not much more than a necessity. This is further evident from the cubicula, the small Roman bedrooms. These rooms had low ceilings and few decorations. Although the cubiculum of a noble family could be decorated with mosaics, it would still be a crampy room. It was given little importan
Where do criminals get their guns? A highly experienced official told me confidentially that criminals use guns that were given to them by political parties’ candidates during elections. After the elections, the hooligans continue to use the guns. Someone also told me that there are retired police/army/navy officers who sell guns to people. Is that correct? Some say that scoundrels smuggle guns into the country. That’s correct. So, robbers, assassins, etc. get guns supply to carry out th
Staying at the same job for 20 years; earning a modest 2% inflationary raise each year; having $2M vested in a 401K with max employer match. A benefit package with a low deductible insurance policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield. A pre-taxed health savings account; company preferred stock options; 5 promotions and a rolex watch. You worked at Lehman Brothers from 1988 to 2008……… Then you lost everything. That is worse than being fired. Source: https://www.quora.com/Whats-worse-than-being-fired
Why does every employer ask about my current salary during a job interview? Everytime I have a job interview or ask a friend about one of theirs, eventually the employer asks about current pay. This happens independently if I sent a CV or if they got in touch with me first. Why is that? Answer: Just to get you as cheaply as possible. Thought experiment: Interviewer: “What’s your current salary?” You: “It’s twenty seven thousand five hundred” Interviewer: “Great! In this new job, you w
Possible, yes.  Wise or advisable, absolutely not!  Tigers are dangerious wild animals.   They are incredibly expensive to feed and their predatory nature makes keeping one a huge civil liability.  Further, even a very large house doesn't give a tiger the roaming space it needs.  This means it won't get proper exercise and will probably be in a fowl mood from having its freedom of movement so severely restricted.  Trust me: You don't want an animal that could easily kill you in half a second in
BVN ALERT: Dear Customer, Your ACCOUNT/ATM Card has been Blocked, Due to Incomplete BVN Registration. Call our Customer Help line on 08165194095. The message above is what was received from scammers (exactly as it was received), and it has been sent to millions of Nigerians.  I wonder why these scoundrels obtain people’s phone numbers to dupe them. I had to make this public because skunks should not be hidden; plus people should be alerted. Unfortunately, some innocent victims would fall for
One of the frustrating things about being a trend follower is that it takes time to overcome the inertia of a new system, particularly if that system is based upon slightly longer time periods such as weekly data. Part of the frustration that traders encounter is based upon the simple mechanics of how systems work. A system that is correctly designed takes its losses quickly and allows its profitable trades to simply roll along. This results in the system instantly going into drawdown and it i
People would wonder how America got so good at maintenance and logistics that they could have all 18 ships and battle groups in one place. It is incredibly hard to make sure that all are ready at one time. At all times at least half the fleet is docked for maintenance. But in all seriousness, that would mean all out war with China. it would cause a global economic depression, millions would die in the war and both countries will take significant hits to their navies, but China would take the b
If you’re a verified PAYEER account holder, you can fund your wallet with Bitcoin and sell it for profits. When it comes to verification, PAYEER is very strict, accepting only plastic national ID cards, or better, international passports. Then you need a neat, clean proof of address. Verification is necessary only if you want to have access to other premium services rendered by PAYEER; if all you want is to send and receive monies, verification/personalization isn’t necessary. As it was said
INSTANT FUNDING This is the most important factor that makes an exchanger’s customers’ happy. It doesn’t matter whether a customer needs their money now or not. Just pay them instantly when they sell e-currency to you. It’s clear that a customer who gets his money within 15 minutes would be happier than a customer who gets his money within 24 hours or 3 days. We’re able to gain more and more customers because we endeavor to process their orders quickly, even when it’s not always convenient f
To all our nomads, jetsetters and quarter-life-crisis adventurers: Some countries are less hospitable to foreign tourists than others. If you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug, you should learn where the locals are friendliest to foreigners and which snooty citizens will give you the death stare the moment your plane kisses the runway. Willkommen and sayonara? FOR EXPATS, TAIWAN IS THE FRIENDLIEST COUNTRY — AND KUWAIT IS THE RUDEST. According to InterNations’ Expat Insider 2016 Index, you’
Is this one of the biggest scams perpetrated by the Federal Government? A Nigerian passport is perhaps, the most important national identification document a Nigerian can possess, it is one of the least powerful passports in the world because of the bad international image of the country, augmented by corrupt leadership. Yes, corrupt people are encouraged because the punishment is light. Now, to go to the real issue…. I applaud the effort of the federal Government and the Nigerian Immigrat